Liedjes voor kinderen door Wishful Singing m.m.v. Bert van den Brink, piano

Songs for children by Wishful Singing and Bert van den Brink (piano)

€ 10.00

New Blue

€ 10.00

Wishful Christmas Card

1 stuks/piece € 5,-
5 stuks/pieces € 20,-
20 stuks/pieces € 75,-

incl. enveloppe

€ 5.00

Time Travels

Ook verkrijgbaar op iTunes en Spotify

Also available on iTunes and Spotify

€ 17.50

It is impossible to pull yourself away from their powerful radiance. And of course from their sound. (...) This mix of superb singing, entertainment and a whole charm of their own, makes Wishful Singing an exceptional vision: the female a-cappella-groups at this level can be counted on one hand, in Europe anyway.

Hamburger Abendblatt, 22 March 2012